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On Hiatus

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Seniors Who Surf
is on hiatus for the summer.

Please feel free to contact us by email
if we can help or point you to resources.


Tom Lanen, Managing Director, Seniors Who Surf, a TMSC socal business

iPad & Technology Training at
Seniors Who Surf!

By on Apr 17, 2015 in Actively Engaged Lifestyle, iPad Learning |

Welcome to Seniors Who Surf!

I’m glad you’re here. We’re looking forward to another season of discovery and fun (did somebody say golf stats? Fishing? Tennis? Spring training? How about poolside reading?), with more and more older adults and seniors finding out that yes, they too can use an iPad to stay actively engaged™ with their family, community … and their passions. And you, or someone you love are invited!

To read more about our products and services, please click the arrow > below or use the buttons above in the navigation bar. And feel free to email me your questions: Thanks again for visiting! Tom –

Seniors Who Surf™ is
For Sale!

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If saying “welcome to Walmart” isn’t in your retirement years wheelhouse, but you still want an easily manageable job helping older adults people get the most from their lives, how about taking the reins of Seniors Who™ Surf?

The Board of Directors at our parent company, Thomas Marketing Services Corporation, has approved the sale of Seniors Who Surf™. Included are the company name, logo and trademark, this website and the Actively Engaged™ Journal, the URL, and all intellectual property. The business can operate in any/all markets in which the new owners have a presence.

Please click the > below for more information.

Where’s The iPad
User Manual?

By on Jan 11, 2016 in Actively Engaged Lifestyle, iPad Learning |

It’s always the first question I’m asked when talking with a new or potential learner (or the adult family member who arranges training for a senior parent): where’s then iPad training Manual?

The short answer is: at iBooks, within the iBook app that came pre-loaded on your iPad. Simply click on the app icon, and when it opens, touch “Top Charts.” Two columns will appear: Paid and Free. Looking under the Free column, it’s typically in the Top 10 list. (Click > below to continue reading)

How To Get Over Your Fear of Your New iPad

By on Dec 28, 2015 in Actively Engaged Lifestyle, iPad Learning, Lifestyle, Technology Training |

Are you one of the fortunate older adults who got a new iPad as a Christmas or holiday gift? Have you taken it out of the box on your own yet?

Well, from experience we know that learning technology by your lonesome or by trying to get through the user manual (which first must be downloaded from the iBooks app) can be a scary experience, especially for those who’ve not had the opportunity to use or learn technology at work or school. And even people who’ve had some technology training along the way can be intimidated. It’s only natural.

The fact is nobody is born knowing how to use technology. It’s a learned skill, and we can help … (read more by clicking > immediately below)

Fall 2015 at
Seniors Who™ Surf

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Can it be already?

Indeed, the lazy days of summer have given way to the hustle and bustle of Fall activity, with some people (like my wife) already contemplating the holiday season ahead!

Well, there’s no better way to keep up with all that’s now available to Seniors and older adults than having a working knowledge of how to use an iPad to stay actively engaged™ with family, friends, and community. And we’re here to help.

Whether you’re an older adult, a caregiver, or a CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community) administrator or activity director, we invite you to peek at our programs, and then to call us to talk about how we can build a program to meet your needs … even if it’s just a skills brush up lesson!

At Seniors Who™ Surf, there’s no such thing as “a dumb question,” so ask away. You’re always welcome.